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Jamie and the Kids

Our relative/friend Jamie from Canandaigua got in touch for family pictures - Gillian came along to help and we were even able to bring our son Gray... a perk of being related to the client.

We knocked out the group shots first - it's always easier when the kids are fresh.

Such a photogenic family! Pretty much every picture in this shoot was done with the Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8D... a class do-everything portrait lens. It's a heavy one to lug around, but it gives great portraits with lots of flexibility for framing... for individual shots or couples where you have plenty to set up a shot, a prime lens is great. But for trying to family photography with squirming young kids, I'll take the fast zooms.

A couple candids as we made our way around Perinton Park in Fairport, NY.

We even snuck our son Gray into a shot! Looking sharp in the tie-dye.

I'll end with a bunch of shots of young Violet moseying around the playground... she has to be the most photogenic baby girl I've ever shot.

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