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Julia Downtown

I always love senior pictures - the only problem is that sometime the same old pretty background get a little boring. Julia fixed that for me by requesting a downtown shoot featuring some of Rochester's Wall Therapy murals. I love the gardens outside the Memorial Art Gallery, which is right next to Village Gate, so we got all three mixed in.

Still gotta do SOME regular pretty background shots! I don't totally know why MAG has wheat-looking grass planted outside, but it looks great in pictures. The picture of me on my "About" page is in the same place.

We moved on to the Wall Therapy murals... Julia had scoped out this mural by Daze. These murals are so cool This picture kind of reduces it to color, but the next one really shows the scale and imagination.

I don't often get to bust out the ultra-wide for professional shoots - that's usually just a fun hobby lens. But this is the Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G racked all the way out to 18mm. I love this picture - Julia's sister Eve came along to offer maral support, and this is such a great sisters shot.

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