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Christy + Ryan | Greek Peak Mountain Resort

The Bemont photo team took a trip out to Greek Peak Mountain resort to shoot the wedding of Christy and Ryan last June. It was a bit of a drive but considering Christy and Ryan traveled from Atlanta, GA we didn't have far to go comparatively. Greek Peak is a great spot for a wedding with a spa style area where the girls got their hair and makeup done like royalty. We did a romantic first look with the mountains setting the stage then it was off to the front of the lodge for a quick but lovely ceremony. The reception was held in a white tent in view of the mountains. This was our first tent wedding and we talked later about how nicely the light bounced around and how we hoped we'd be able to do another one soon. Little did we know how many reception tents were in our future! The reception was filled with fun activities and featured a moving speech from Christy's dad that left us all wiping tears from our eyes. We'll be back at Greek Peak this season and we can't wait!


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