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Heather + Tim | The Avon Inn

We try not to play favorites when it comes to our clients. After all, we've been incredibly lucky to work with some of the sweetest, coolest, and most down to earth couples this past year and a half. But when we sit around reminiscing about the high points of our journey so far, Heather and Tim's wedding always gets mentioned. It was our first time shooting at The Avon Inn in Avon, NY which has become one of our favorite venues. Heather and Tim are such a photogenic and fun loving couple. Every moment of the day was enjoyable (the food was so good!) and we think their gallery features some of our best work. The last shot in this post as been requested more than once by future brides and we've already recreated it twice on the very same steps. Another very special detail is the wooden arch under which Heather and Tim tied the knot. It was made by the groom himself and it added such a fantastic personal touch to the ceremony.


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