Wedding Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost? See here for pricing!

Can I pay less than that? Sure! Paying in full when you book us will save you some money, and paying by cash/check instead of credit card also deserves a little discount.

How long does it take to receive our photos? Your full gallery of watermark-free, high resolution images is guaranteed within a month, but is often ready within a couple of weeks.

We don't need an engagement session - will you lower your price? We don't require an engagement session, but we highly recommend doing it because we get a chance to meet and work together before your wedding! But we'll still cut $75 from the price if you want.

How about just one photographer? Would that be cheaper? We do offer a cheaper package with one photographer, but you'll get the best coverage with two photographers! We like each other a lot and it's kind of boring to work alone, so that package is limited to local weddings.

So you're married and have kids. What if your kids get sick? We have an awesome family who watches our kids while we work, and we trust them to manage any emergency. They have all their grandparents and a decent crop of aunts and uncles, all local, so we won't have to bail for family matters.

Can we book you? Sure!

Yeah, but like... how? Oh. Give us a call at (585) 590-0570. Email us at Shoot us a message from the About page. We're responsive and nice and will happily answer any questions. When you're ready, we just require a signed contract and deposit to secure your date. It can all be done online, although we always prefer to meet you before booking.

When and how much do we pay? 

  • 1/3 is required to book your date

  • We'll send you an invoice for the balance of your package a month before your wedding

  • Other than the deposit, there are no due dates - we just don't edit or deliver photos until you're paid up

How would you like to receive all this money we have for you? We currently accept cash, check, credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo. But at Bemont Photo, we always go the extra mile to take your money. So if you come up with a hip new way to transfer funds, we'll make it work.

Are you insured? Yes, we have both equipment and liability insurance.

Just one more question. Sorry if it's rude, but...

...why are wedding photographers so expensive?!?

When we got married a few years ago (before we were photographers), we had a disagreement: I felt there was no reason to spend more than $1,000 on a wedding photographer - why would it cost more? Gillian thought it would be more like $2,000. We ended up paying close to $4,000 for one of Rochester's best, and we left the experience thrilled with our pictures, but under the impression that apparently all wedding photographers are millionaires.

Much to our disappointment, that isn't true. So why is it so expensive? 

  1. It's way more work than you might think! You see us for a few hours at your wedding, but there's also travel to and from the wedding and the many hours it takes to edit your pictures... plus we do your engagement shoot (and travel and editing for that). And that doesn't count the time spent communicating with you to make all this happen smoothly. Once you multiply all this out for two photographers, the length of the wedding is about a fifth of the total hours we'll spend on you. So our hourly income isn't nearly as juicy as you might think.

  2. It's expensive to be a photographer!​ We'll show up to your wedding with a bags containing $20,000 ​of cameras, lenses, flashes, stands, triggers, filters, memory cards, batteries, and trail mix. We have to insure it so when your fiance's degenerate third cousin with the gambling problem steals it all, we're not ruined. And of course we have to advertise, and there's the website costs, and paying to store all those pretty pictures in THE CLOUD... it adds up!

  3. You can't book that many weddings if you want to give good service. It's easy to think "well they can do three a week, 50 weeks a year, they're making hundreds of thousands of dollars!" Well, we can't do three a week, or we'd die. Also, most weddings are on Saturdays between Memorial Day and Halloween; other dates are harder to book. So how many weddings a year? Bemont Photo aims for twenty-five, which leaves enough time to see our kids.