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The Dents at Perinton Park

The Dents are the first client I've booked using - what a great way to match up professionals with people who need them. It has its flaws, but it has been a major help in finding customers.

Jeanne got in touch for family pictures - I took them to Perinton Park, the same place I photographed Jamie and her family a few days before. It was a big group!

It was pretty harsh mid-day sun, but I found a reasonable patch of shade with a nice background. At first I wasn't sure about the full family color-match strategy, but it really does look nice.

As always, I offered to take smaller group shots, so we spend some time doing barious combinations. I almost tossed this tree picture due to the crotch grab and wandering eyes, but Gillian insisted I keep it... and it turned out to be the client's favorite picture!

I love getting candid shots during family shoots, because the families are always surprised by them.


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