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Rachel + Blaise | Dansville, NY

I was really excited to see Rachel and Blaise's wedding on our calendar. Rachel and I went to high school together and even worked at the same restaurant for a while after we graduated. It was very cool to see her as well as a few others from PHS class of '04. The wedding took place at a rental property in Dansville, NY. The property had plenty of room for the reception tent and also boasted a large pond and a pretty field that were perfect for pictures. Unfortunately Blaise sprained his knee pretty severely the night before the wedding in a freak dancing accident so they had to get a little creative with a cane and golf cart but this did nothing to lower their spirits. The guests danced the night away and were even treated to a very cute slide show of the new married couple's relationship projected onto the ceiling of the tent. Sidebar- Look at Rachel's dress! I certainly can't even. Can you?


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